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"Empowering Information Mobility"
With its comprehensive range of software and services for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure across multiple industries, including process manufacturing, water and wastewater, power generation, and oil and gas, Bentley Systems has been able to meet varied requirements of its clients in India, says Atanu Pattanayak, Vice President & Managing Director, Bentley Systems India Private Limited. According to Pattanayak, Bentley has devoted ‘considerable time to educating these organisations on the benefi ts of moving beyond software for design.’ Harshal Y Desai also seeks views of Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director – Process, Bentley Systems, Incorporated, on how Bentley’s ‘commitment and approach’ differ from its competitors.
Atanu Pattanayak,
Vice President & Managing Director, Bentley Systems India Private Limited.
" Cloud Applications, Virtualisation Taking Industrial Automation to Higher Levels: Vikas Chadha "
India’s manufacturing sector is on a high growth trajectory. And if implemented to its potential, the ‘Make in India’ initiative will further transform the Indian economy for the better, developing India into a strong manufacturing destination in this century, says Vikas Chadha, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL) and India Leader, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). Harshal Y Desai further sought Chadha’s views on the growth of the automation industry in the wake of predicted development in the manufacturing sector, adoption rate of automation solutions among small and medium scale companies, the role of IT in automation industry, and more.
Vikas Chadha, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL) and India Leader, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS).
"The future of automation will go hand in hand with the IT industry"
With more than a decade of existence of state-of-the-art world class Jamnagar Refinery, Reliance management decided to build new refinery (jerp) in Jamnagar, with unique configurations, technologies, flexibilities and with the aim of automation technology to create next-generation control system. We hereby present excerpts of an exclusive interview of B R Mehta, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd, with Mittravinda Ranjan.
B R Mehta, Senior Vice President
Reliance Industries Limited
Relationships with Our Customers are Our Greatest Resource
Sound business practices, underlying management processes and transparency in business are the pillars on which Emerson stands. We pursue achieving our business objectives through adoption of competitive corporate strategies, prudent business plans, strategic monitoring and mitigation of risks
Sunil Khanna, Managing Director
Emerson Process Management India
India is Grossly Under Invested in Manufacturing Automation
India, over the past decade has witnessed significant increase in number of manufacturing facilities and has been targeted as one of the favorite emerging nations because of its fast growing economy with a large domestic market. “Albeit manufacturing sector’s rapid growth, we remain grossly underinvested in the field of manufacturing automation” says Vijay Srinivasan, VP & MD, India Subcontinent, Invensys Process System.
Vijay Srinivasan
Vice President & Managing Director, India
Subcontinent, Invensys Process System
Globalisation of Marketplace will be the Key Driver for Automation in India
Globalisation will ensure that the Indian industry adapts to the best of the technology available, to remain competitive globally.
Vijay Paranjape
Director, Member Managing Board
Siemens Ltd. and CEO Industry Sector-South Asia
Automation will Propel Industrial Growth
The Chemical industry is the most diverse industry. Verticaly chemicals have been categorised into three sub-segments, viz. Basic, Specialty and Knowledge. The Basic segment comprises of inorganic & organic chemicals, where the focus on automation is to drive volumes, cost reduction and environmental compliance. The Specialty segment comprises of dyes & pigments, paints, adhesives, additives, lubricants etc. In this the level of automation is currently low, and is driven by quality and reliability.
Amitava Biswas
Country Manager
Honeywell Process Solutions India
Implementation of Automation Technologies is far higher in Chemical Sector
The chemical industry in India has matured with time. It covers a wide spectrum of industries that deal with chemicals including petrochemicals, rubber, polymers, textiles, paints, etc. The implementation of automation technology within these industry verticals depends upon the scale as well as the requirement.
Farook Merchant
Messung Group of Companies