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Government should be the driving force to create green Industries
Dow corning may have been named among the best companies to work for in 2010, but Jean-Paul Mollie, President, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Dow Corning Corporation is more focused about the work that the company is doing in India. In an exclusive interview he shares his plans and views for India with Jagan Jacob, excerpts from the Interview.

What are the expansion plans that Dow Corning is doing in India?
Right now we have 3 major sites in the country. One engineering site in Chennai which is working for engineering projects from applications from projects all over the world. One manufacturing site in Pune, for materials and products for the Indian market and some limited products for the world market, although the majority is consumed in India only. And a business site in Mumbai with functions like human resources, finance, communications and logistics etc. The expansion that we would like to do is within the Mumbai site, where we are going to have a science and technology lab, which is going to focus on application engineering and medical services. But we are open to expanding in other locations also if we see an opportunity.

Which are the sectors that the company is looking out in the future for expansions?
One of the focus areas for us is green energy. We are extremely active in solar as there is a lot of potential for us in that sector, we are active in every stage of this sector. Apart from energy another focus area for us is infrastructure and construction, as they are developing fast. Silicon material can really help to create sustainable solutions. We are working hard on providing such sustainable solutions for bridges and buildings also apart from roads. Another sector where we see a lot of benefit is in healthcare, hair care and body care area. The other area where we are focusing on is in the automotive technology. This sector has got a lot of evolution going on at present; there are a lot of Indian players who are aggressively surging forward in this area. Silicons can be used to build sustainable motors for vehicles too. We can help the manufacturers of the cars so that they have cars that are functioning in all kinds of conditions. Silicons have that characteristic to work in extreme conditions. Hence silicons at the present stage have a huge potential, so we are working on this with the car manufacturers.

How different are the plans of the Company for India in comparison to China?
India is a big country with a vast expanse of land to build. Apart from that one of the biggest opportunities is that of numbers, there is a lot of potential in numbers i.e. people, and there is that drive in people to improve. Hence instead of differences there is a lot of similarity between the two countries. Having said that, we do have a site in Zhangjiagang, China which is the country’s largest integrated manufacturing site. It is going to help our company in giving us more reliable materials to sell and to develop new materials. We are also working close to our customers, we are working with them, finding new opportunities, new solutions and also suggesting new things and hoping to look in to the future of what might happen and then work on something that we can develop together. So apart from the fact that we have a site in China but not in India, there is not much difference.

How can a company like Dow Corning play a bigger role in India?
What Government can do from a business perspective is helping the entire industry to make it easier to bring in for instance green energy like solar, wind etc by removing the roadblocks, so that companies like us can work and develop without all the limitations. Even though its not easy (as there will be criticisms behind), talking at some point must stop; we have to walk the talk. We need more opening, and we need people who can remove these roadblocks of business.
This is the same for agriculture and water management too. We should come up with something what Europe has been doing by promoting green energy initiatives like subsidising solar energy. On account of which the usage of solar panels will be high in demand. Only government can help to create such environment. They should be the driving forces to create new industries, or at least be supportive forces to build these industries. Companies like Dow Corning are here to help local customers, to help thinking, and to help developing those things.