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Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 is Perfect for Severe Operating Conditions
Addison & Co offers a complete range of HSS tools-twist drills from its extensive product range of about 50,000 standard and special tools. Addison has a global presence catering to the requirements of export markets like USA, Canada, Japan & Europe, as well as Latin America, South East Asia & Africa. The use of Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 at the company resulted in improved hydraulic effi ciency.

In order to maintain its leadership position and meet the demands for its products, Addison & Co operates complex machinery in multiple daily shifts to maintain optimum output. The manufacturing process necessitates the use of various types of in-house processes and machinery, which require specialised lubricants including cutting oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, greases, etc.

In the past, Addison used a market general ISO VG 32 hydraulic fluid in a Vickers Hydraulic Power pack of a flute-grinding machine. Generally hydraulic systems do not have a cooler oran accumulator, which results in the hydraulic pumps running continuously and increases chances of overheating. As the machine operated at ver y high temperatures of approx 80 degree Celsius, use of ISO32 hydraulic fluid caused it to operate sluggishly during start-up requiring 30 minutes of idle running in order to achieve sufficient fluidity before enabling hydraulic efficiency. This led to excess power consumption since the plant operated on multiple shifts and the machine required to stop for every shift change leading to excess consumption of power, high equipment downtime and wastage of resources.

Addison was therefore seeking a more cost effective, innovative solution. With the aim of maximising productivity through enhanced equipment performance, Addison turned to the experts from ExxonMobil╩s Field Engineering Services (FES). The FES is ExxonMobil╩s team of technical experts who work closely with manufacturing companies, offering them expert advice on best-in-class lubrication and maintenance practices. ExxonMobil engineers assessed onsite usage conditions, consulted closely with Addison╩s engineering personnel to understand the company╩s lubrication requirements. Based on their test results, they recommended Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32, a shear stable high VI premium hydraulic fluid with ultra keep clean technology. Formulated with extensive laboratory and in-service fieldtesting, the Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 helps provide quantifiable increases in hydraulic efficiency compared to normal hydraulic fluids. This translates to reduced power consumption or increased machine output, resulting in monetary savings.

The upgrade to Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 proved to be an ideal opportunity for the company to take advantage of the benefits offered by this advanced formulation. In particular, the Addison team was excited with the test results seen from ExxonMobil╩s comprehensive tests. It was observed that after changeover to Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32, there was no need for the pumps to run 30 minutes idle, which resulted in improved hydraulic efficiency and reduced energy consumption by 6 per cent (The energy savings derived was directly due to 30 minutes savings through 8 hr operation) and a 50 per cent reduced oil consumption. Also since the machine was available 30 minutes more than in the previous situation, there was an improvement in production by 6 per cent thereby achieving approx 33 drills/ day. Additionally, Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 usage allowed for up to 6 per cent increase in hydraulic pump efficiency (i.e., saving of 6 per cent energy).

By a simple change of lubricant from market general to ExxonMobil╩s synthetic range DTE 10 Excel 32, Addison was able to successfully overcome sluggishness in the machines and enhance productivity and energy savings. With the completion of the lubricant change, Addison & Co has responded saying, "The advice to switch to Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 has been the best solution offered to us." The composite benefits achieved by using Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 are as follows:
1. Increased productivity by 6 per cent - approx 33 drills/day;
2. 6 per cent Energy Savings (The energy savings derived was directly due to 30 minutes savings from idle running time through 8 hr operation);
3. Reduced oil consumption by 50 per cent.

Speaking on ExxonMobil╩s success in providing a customised solution to Addison & Co╩s requirements, Naveen Shukla, Field Engineering Suppor t Manager, APAC, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited, said, "Mobil Industrial Lubricants supports customers with unmatched industry expertise and technical services, unsurpassed global supply capability, proven oil-analysis programmes, and comprehensive builder approvals. The results that the Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32 delivered for Addison & Co is a perfect example of how ExxonMobil╩s technology leadership and exceptional application expertise can deliver significant financial value and facilitate increased efficiencies and productivity."