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How SAP Streamlined Business at Sudarshan Chemical
To support rapid global expansion, Sudarshan Chemical turned to the SAP® Customer Relationship Management application. As a result, it has dramatically accelerated customer-related processes and has fully integrated its manual, disparate sales operations into the rest of the business, reducing inventory and improving productivity.

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd has been a leading player in the color and agrochemicals business for over 50 years. With a more than 35 per cent market share, Sudarshan is the largest pigment supplier in India for manufacturers of paints, rubber products, plastics, textiles, inks, and more. Over the last decade, Sudarshan has been aggressively extending its global reach, selling high-quality inorganic and organic pigments to customers in over 40 countries. "We want to establish Sudarshan as a leading chemical brand worldwide," says P R Rathi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Sudarshan Chemical.

To better meet its growth strategy, the company needed to replace its highly manual and isolated sales processes. Sales teams were relying on spreadsheets to track sales and to follow up customer leads and opportunities. Completing customer requests was often performed on an ad-hoc basis. "Our customer management costs were high, and customer response times were slow. We were poised to lose potential business opportunities," adds Rathi.

Sudarshan Chemical had to meet following Key Challenges:
• Eliminate highly manual and redundant sales processes;
• Eliminate multiple legacy systems;
• Make real-time information highly available;
• Establ ish highly visible operat ions across locations;
• Reduce customer management costs;
• Improve customer service;
• Accelerate sales processes.

Approaches that Sudarshan Adopted to Address Above Challenges Choosing Software That's More Than a Shade Above the Rest: Sudarshan selected the SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application over several other solutions. It liked the fact that the application scales rapidly to support growth and has the best practices-based functionality to support different lines of businesses. In addition, the software fully integrates with the company's deployed SAP ERP application, so the Sudarshan sales force can leverage complete and reliable enterprise data. "Wherever our reps are located, they can retrieve critical customer information; they can also directly interact with the customer via automated workflow tools found in SAP CRM. This helps ensure each customer's needs are fully satisfied," says Rathi.

Aligning to Best Practices for Rapid Implementation: With a speedy implementation in mind, Sudarshan reengineered existing sales processes to align with the applicationĘs best practicesbased functionality. As a result, the company was able to complete the rollout of SAP CRM across 10 locations in just three months. "Training did not slow us down because our sales force was already familiar with SAP ERP," says Rathi.

Painting a Picture of Improved Customer Clarity and Service: Today, SAP CRM is up and running at Sudarshan's major manufacturing and sales locations. It has transformed the company's sales operations by replacing manually driven sales tasks with automated standardised processes.

"With SAP CRM, our sales branches are getting reliable, real-time information from plants and warehouses," says Rathi. "Our sales force has immediate access to information regarding materials availability, order status, production schedules, and more, so they can make the right decisions throughout the sales cycle," he adds. Sudarshan is also using automated alert functionality to track the status of key customer deliverables, enabling it, for example, to process sample requests and product matches much faster ?? in the former by over 62 per cent. Resolution of customer issues is faster as well. "We can constantly monitor sales performance with SAP CRM, so we can speed sales order completion and manage our inventory more effectively," says Rathi

Looking Forward to a Bright Future In just six months, Sudarshan achieved full Return on Investment (ROI) on its SAP CRM deployment. To leverage the benefits enterprise-wide, it is now rolling out the application to the few remaining locations. "SAP CRM gives our sales force the flexibility to meet changing customer needs, while enabling it to focus on our company's growth strategy," Says Rathi.

Why Was SAP Selected by Sudarshan?
SAP ensure the best practices-based functionality, with support for a range of industry-related processes, Automated workflow processes for interacting with customers, Support for growth via flexible, scalable functionality, Integration with the SAP® ERP application, Familiar user interface and Clear product road map.

Besides, there are some other benefits guaranteed by SAP, such as:

Financial and Strategic Benefits:
• 6-month return on investment;
• Tighter inventory control;
• Improved employee productivity;
• Reduction in manual processes;
• Alignment of operations with business strategy;
• Support for changing business requirements;
• Faster decision making through real-time access to enterprise information;
• Ability to process customer transactions more quickly;
• Improved customer satisfaction.

Operational Benefits:

Low Total Cost of Ownership: • Fast 3-month implementation, ahead of schedule;
• Minimal need for user training;
• Rigorous training of internal IT team to ensure ongoing in-house support.