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Aiming to Provide Cost-effective and High-quality Pharma Packaging Machines
India's leading pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturing company, NKP Pharma Pvt Ltd has been delivering sophisticated technology in a cost-effective manner to their clients. Darshan N Mevada, MD, NKP Pharma Pvt Ltd shares his insights about his company’s initiatives and future plans.

Please tell us about the performance of the company and the key growth drivers for the organisation.
NKP Pharma Pvt Ltd, established in the year 1988, is growing with rapid pace due to our concentration in Injectable Filling Lines, specially focused on Dry Powder Injectable Line. Also we have introduced various models with latest technical features, which are saving lot of raw material and time at customer end.

Along with super satisfied after sales support with around 18 engineer team in service department to cater all Indian and overseas customers, the company is carrying a huge brand value due to the technical and commercial back up from Hitesh N Mevada, Chairman & Managing Director, NKP Pharma Pvt Ltd. He is the technical brain behind all the success of the company; and due to his unmatched technical support, the company has found the place in many corporate without any domestic competition. NKP is following only one rule, 'Think before committing anything and once committed never think for anything'.

Tell us about the company's presence in Indian and overseas markets.
Our company is carrying a huge brand image in India and overseas. We are exporting to around 21 countries in routine through various direct customers and agents. The company is having installation back up of around 3500+ machines around globe to gain confidence of customer on quality and service of the company.

Kindly highlight the latest achievements, strengths and capabilities of your company.
As our Punch Line is 'Leader always, in all ways', we break our own benchmark established in the industry for quality, performance, service and worth price structure. NKP’s core competencies are its R&D, huge reputed and trustworthy customer group, and aggressive sales and production team to match up any target.

How conducive has Gujarat been for the growth of your company?
We are very small company, never thought or calculated of contribution given to Gujarat; but yes, we are always trying to provide good environmental condition to each and every employee of the company with all required needs for them and their family to change their social and financial status, which will be beneficial to our Brand Gujarat. We, being a business community, always try to satisfy all customers and try to avoid any confusion for Brand Gujarat. Being established in Gujarat, we are thankful to our culture, government and industrial policy makers for our growth.

Which are the new markets you are currently focusing on and which ones you plan to tap in the future?
We, as a company, are very slow in selection of any new country, because if we calculate our business size, it is around 0.1 per cent of total trade that happens in world for injectable/packaging machinery.

So our priority is never to target any new country unless we feel our enough presence in existing market. By targeting existing country, we are getting benefit our brand in that particular country which reduces our sales and service cost.

Also as per our knowledge, Indian market is world’s biggest market to sell our pharma machinery, as we have never seen the technically sound brain like Indians in any other country. Also, India is fastest growing economy in the world. As per my opinion one should concentrate in India first.

What are the future plans of the company? We have certain targets to reach in certain timeline, and we feel without system it is not possible to run any business professionally.

Hence our first and foremost target is to establish the system to answer anything, which we may receive from customer/ Internal team or Government.

What are the current and future key global trends in the pharmaceutical industry? How do you foresee the future of the Indian pharmaceutical industry?
Pharmaceutical Industry in India is the one of the fastest growing industries in Indian economy; one should concentrate on the day-to-day changes happening in the industry and to improve their system, equipment and timeline according to it.

If we, as a machine manufacturing company, make changes as per requirement of industry, there will be no requirement to import any machine from any other part of globe.