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Focusing on Continuous New Products and Improvement in Existing Models
Sandeep Shah, MD, Erweka India, talks about his company's performance and achievements over the years and his plans outlined for future.

Please tell us about the performance of the company during the past few years.
Erweka is well established in Indian market and internationally also. Erweka came in to existence more than 60 years ago in Germany and since then it has grown many fold. Almost all MNCs and top Indian companies like Ranbaxy, Dr Reddys, Cipla, Torrent, Intas, etc. are customers of Erweka since many years.

Erweka has been the only company in the world who manufactures all types of dissolution testers type 1 to type 7, additional chewing gum dissolution tester. It clearly shows that the time and amount we spent in R&D. Continuous new products and improvement in existing models are the key factors of Erweka.

Highlight the latest achievements, strengths and capabilities of your company.

Well established network for service support and periodically training of engineers in Germany are the strengths of Erweka. Erweka has introduced world’s first most flexible dissolution system, which can work as standalone, offline, online with UV spectrophotometer as well as online with HPLC. This system is being appreciated worldwide by all research driven companies due to cost effectiveness and it can save lot of space plus system is never remains ideal - full productivity. In addition to such a system, Erweka has also introduced fully automatic dissolution tester operated by robot - called as robodis.

How conducive and beneficial has Gujarat been for the growth of your company?
Gujarat has been the base of many pharmaceutical companies and due to proactive investment done by Gujarat companies. Erweka has established good presence and almost all leading companies in Gujarat are customersof Erweka.

Which are the new markets you are currently focusing on and which ones you plan to tap in the future?
Apart from Gujarat and other parts of India, Erweka is actively focusing on CIS market. Many activities are going on to upgrade local companies there and they need hi-tech instruments to fulfill regulatory requirements like USFDA.

Kindly outline the future roadmap of your company.
Erweka has decided to upgrade existing models by adding few more features instead introducing totally new models. This will give strength to model and longer life. User will be happy to be associated with same models for many years.

What are the current and future key global trends in the pharmaceutical industry?
What we see today is more and more consolidation through mergers a n d acquisitions in pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

How do you foresee the future of the Indian pharmaceutical industry?
Indian pharmaceutical industry has been success story so far mainly due to cost effectiveness and it is still the same.

But at the same time, it is required to invest a considerable sum into R&D, so that new molecules/products can also be introduced by Indian companies, not just by reverse engineering. With so much global exposure and availability of talent pool, one needs focused approach for investment in R&D.