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CHEMTECH  FOUNDATION , India's leading industry association, pioneered international exhibitions and conferences and has served the Indian chemical and process industry since 1975. Through the CHEMTECH series of events, the Foundation has catalyzed industrial growth by creating a platform for strategic alliances and foreign investments in India. These expositions, world class in stature and scope, have served as a point for foreign and Indian companies, central and state government officials, research institutions and academia. It has offered a unique for idea exchange.

Aims And Objectives

  • Promote international exhibitions, conferences and trade fairs
  • To promote cross-country information exchange through technical and lecture tours from India and abroad
  • To promote research and development activity
  • To disseminate information about India by participating in appropriate international for a
  • To highlight environmental issues and participate in environment management efforts
  • To represent to Government and statutory bodies with regards to issues concerning the served sectors
  • Institute awards for individuals, institutions and organizations for outstanding work in industrial, economic and business activity .
  • To disseminate information concerning served industry and service sectors through print and electronic media. .
Key Operational Areas
  • Organization/ sponsorship of Exhibitions & Conferences
  • Organization/ Sponsorship of visits of foreign delegations to India
  • Organization/ Sponsorship of Seminars, Workshops & Lectures
  • Publications: Information relating to various industry sectors would be disseminated through periodic reports as well as through Chemical Engineering World
  • Chemtech-CEW Awards have been instituted for honoring excellence in the process industry. These awards recognize individual, corporate and institutional initiative in scientific and economic achievement.
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