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Form No. 02

Stand Design Contractor

Return this Form on or before  
30th December, 2008.  
Name of Exhibitor    
Stand No Hall No
We have appointed the following contractor for the design/decoration of our stand (fill in only if applicable).
Name of Contractor    
Contract Person    
Address Pin
Phone Fax
We enclose our design drawing (plan, elevation, and perspective) in duplicate for your approval. (Construction exceeding 2.5 metres of height may be disallowed). We hereby declare that :
1 We will carry out the modifications, if any, in the design of our pavilion as found necessary by the organisers and strictly conform to the approved design.
2 Our contractor will abide by the rules and regulations applicable to the exhibition and we will be responsible for any lapses on the part of the contractor or their workmen.
3 With a view to ensuring hazard prevention, all electrical work will be subject to inspection by the organiser’s electrical  contractors.
4 We undertake to pay of any damage caused to the hall flooring as determined by the Organisers.

Exhibition Co-ordinator

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