CHEMTECH Foundation :

CHEMTECH  FOUNDATION , India's leading industry association, pioneered international exhibitions and conferences and has served the Indian chemical and process industry since 1975. Through the CHEMTECH series of events, the Foundation has catalyzed industrial growth by creating a platform for strategic alliances and foreign investments in India. These expositions, world class in stature and scope, have served as a point for foreign and Indian companies, central and state government officials, research institutions and academia. It has offered a unique for idea exchange.

Indian Drug Discovery Network International (Indi NET)

This initiative seeks to highlight India's strengths in drug discovery and development and will help create a network of Indian talents in drug discovery – not only in India but around the world so that this infrastructure will benefit the entire industry. Dr Somesh Sharma, Chief Scientific Officer, Nicholas Piramal India Limited launched Indi-NET at the recently concluded CHEMTECH + PHARMA International Conferences 2007 in February 2007.

Indo-Global Partnership in Manufacturing Services. (Indo-MAPS):

This initiative will project India’s strengths in contract manufacturing/outsourcing to the world in a better fashion, and will be a neutral forum for all the stakeholders. This initiative was formally launched at the recently concluded CHEMTECH + PHARMA International Conferences 2007 in February 2007 by Dr Raghunath  Mashelkar, former Director General, CSIR.

The Indian Forum for Good Clinical Practice (InFo-GCP)

Apart from facilitating ethical and GCP related discussions, InFo-GCP offers a platform to update guidelines and working practices for the purpose of improving clinical research standards in India. It was launched in February 2005 and aims to spread awareness of ethical principles in research and promote efforts towards its integration in GCP while conducting such research. This Forum will stimulate a closer relationship and improve understanding between key stakeholders of the Clinical Research field. One of the intentions of this group is to promote Quality Management systems in clinical trials. Another important area of focus would be to foster the development of Clinical Research professionals by organizing various training programs in specialty areas of Clinical Research.

Study Circle Initiative

CHEMTECH had started “Study Circle” programmes during 1980’s when 10 students from leading institutions were invited to visit the exhibition along with their professors.  Later on CHEMTECH expanded this facility to include in International Conferences without charging any fees. This “Study Circle” programme is now being further expanded by inviting 500 students from all over India.
In addition to this 3 more initiatives are being taken:
    Interaction of Industry with Professors/Teachers.
    Interaction with students from Industry experts to inform them about the importance of disciplines like Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, IT as enabler for improving productivity and competitiveness.
    Involving students of 10th to 12th standards during the two months vacation period in Industry, which provide internship.
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