Exhibitors Profile

Industry Automation & Control 2015 is the event where Industrial and Process Automation, Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics come together.

  • Factory Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Instrumentation And Controls
  • Robotics
  • Power plant & MCC automation (Smart MCC)
  • Emergency Shutdown System & SIL Certification
  • Gas & Liquid Analysers
  • Gas Detection System
  • Tank gauging systems
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Online Condition Monitoring system

Others such as material handling, bar coding solutions, Microsystems and nanotechnology, embedded systems, Optoelectronics, energy, Safety & Security, Industrial communications, Wireless automation, etc.

Factory Automation

  • Motion drives, servo drives, actuator drives
  • Sensors and measuring equipment
  • Assembly and handling
  • Assembly equipment, assembly devices, assembly applications
  • Safety and supply technology in the field of assembly, handling and robotics
  • Assembly lines
  • System periphery for assembly, handling and robotics
  • Complete Factory Automation systems
  • Turnkey system solutions in the field of industrial automation
  • Turnkey systems and complete systems for handling technology
  • Electric motors, frequency converters and magnetic technology
  • Factory equipment
  • Industrial image processing
  • Laser technology
  • Production engineering for electrical engineering and electronics
  • Safety & security in automation
  • Services for Factory Automation

Process & Automation

  • Complete automation systems in forging press plants
  • Complete flexible automated manufacturing plants
  • Control systems, open and closed loop control systems for process automation
  • Analyzer systems
  • Drive systems for actuators
  • Identification systems, image processing systems for process automation
  • Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry Process automation solutions and IT solutions
  • Integrated solutions for process optimization, statistical process control and data acquisition
  • Process automation solutions for industrial use
  • Analyzers
  • Field devices, components for process automation, open loop and closed loop control
  • Hygienic automation systems & automation components; hygienic design in automation
  • Special process automation controls and individual controllers
  • Overall system planning (process automation)
  • Individual services and executing services for process automation plants
  • Consultancy services (process automation systems)
  • Education and training systems and programs (process automation systems)
  • Further technical services for process automation
  • Technical services for the operating phase
  • Technical services for start-up and commissioning of process automation plants

Instrumentation And Control

  • Alarm systems for the process industry
  • Data acquisition systems for the process industry
  • Diagnosis systems for the process industry
  • Gas warning systems (for combustible and toxic gases)
  • Industrial security systems for the process industry
  • Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry; other
  • Remote monitoring systems for the process industry
  • SCADA software (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for the process industry Factory Automation
  • Control system- Fieldbus technology & Wireless technology in Process Industry, Custody transfer & metering system


  • ITurnkey systems and complete systems for robotics Articulated robots
  • Hexapods Horizontal elbow-arm robots
  • Industrial robots of special design Linear robots
  • Microrobots
  • Portal robots
  • Swivel-arm robots (SCARA robots) Vertical elbow-arm robots
  • Application components for industrial robots
  • Industrial robots (basic systems)
  • Industrial robots; industry applications for
  • Industrial robots; task-specific applications for Services for robotics
  • Robot welding systems
  • System periphery for robots and robot controls

Power plant & MCC automation (Smart MCC)

  • Process Shut Down (PSD)
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems
  • Burner Management Systems

Gas & Liquid Analysers

  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzers
  • Particle size & count analyzers
  • Volatile organic compounds analyzers
  • Leak testing equipments
  • HPLC Detectors

Gas Detection System

  • Toxic Gas Detection Systems
  • Advance Gas Detectors
  • Flame Detectors
  • Gas Monitors & Control Systems
  • Air Sampling

Tank gauging systems

  • Underground storage Tanks
  • Tank Radar
  • Gauging for Horizontal & Vertical tanks

Gas Chromatography

  • Gas - solid Chromatography
  • Gas - liquid Chromatography
  • Flame Ionization Detector
  • Gas Chromatography Drug Test