FEBRUARY 14-17, 2017

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Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India

Indian refining sector has increased from 68.2 MMTPA to current 254 MMTPA and is expected to reach 333 MMTP` A by 2022 and seen investments of over INR 3,00,000 crore since 1998. In the bid to maintain healthy Gross Refining Margins (GRMs), refiners are widening product basket through downstream capacity additions to produce value added petrochemical petrochemical products, setting up delayed coker units and adopting new technologies to improve top line margins and reduce operational costs.

The Indian chemical industry has witnessed robust growth in the past decade and has been ranked 6th largest in the world and 3rd largest in the Asia according to United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). The industry has been forecast to reach USD 200 billion mark by 2020.

Strong domestic demand, driven by increasing purchasing power parity in the country, is one of the main pillars of Indian manufacturing sector, and India is expected to maintain the healthy growth in the years to come. India’s geographic location provides easy access to the world markets; and low cost advantage, availability of talent pool and skilled manpower make India the destination of choice.

Indian government is rendering extensive support to give impetus to the Indian chemical industry and has set up the task force to consider suggestions for National Chemical Policy to ensure steady growth of the country’s chemical sector.

India is 13th largest country in terms of ethylene capacity and envisages enhancing the refining capacity to 300 mmtpa in 2017 from the current 190 mmtpa. India is emerging as Asia’s refining hub and become the net exporter of petrochemicals to countries like the Middle East, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Indian government has set ambitious plans to set up Petroleum Chemicals & Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIR) in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha to accelerate country’s industrial growth.

The Indian government has earmarked substantial funds to achieve healthy growth of country’s upstream and downstream sectors of the chemical industry. During the 11th Five-Year Plan, Indian government reserved INR 0.626 trillion for refining and marketing sectors and increase that to INR 1.54 trillion during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Chemicals sector has attracted cumulative FDI of USD 192 million* in 2009-10