February 20 - 23, 2019

- Venue -
Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India

India's refining sector has come a long way from capacity of 62 MMTPA in 1998 to current capacity of 254 MMTPA, projected to increase to 330 MMTPA by end of this decade. Refining industry in India has significantly evolved over the last two decades as the refiners have set up new capacities with higher complexities, upgraded existing capacities through revamps and carried out value addition through integrated the petrochemical manufacturing. Changing market dynamics, volatility in crude oil prices, changing product flows and crude mixes have continued to challenge the refiners who are compelled to become more consumer oriented and develop innovative strategies to run operations in more sustainable ways withstanding the global competition. Strong consumer base in India will drive the demand of polymers in the Indian market which has aspired CHEMTECH to further expand the scope of Refining & Petrochemicals and bring Polymers under the purview of the conference for discussion.

CHEMTECH will organise Refining & Petrochemicals World Expo 2019 with renewe focus on Polymers during CHEMTECH World Expo 2019 scheduled from 20-23, February 2019 in Bombay Exhibition Center Goregaon(East), Mumbai, India and will once again create a platform for the professionals from India and overseas to witness the latest trends in technologies during the exhibition and provide opportunity to interact during the concurrent conference.