January 23, 2018

- Venue -
Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Water shortage hitting the industrial sector is an emerging 'headwind' for the economy. Though endowed with rich water resources, India is already experiencing water contamination and physical water scarcity due to the booming population, rapid urbanization and a new found passion for consumerism. To top it off, civic bodies are imposing cuts on water supplied to industrial belts across several states, the resultant shortage could pull down Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth by around 40-50 basis points, while the manufacturing sector alone could take a hit of about 50-75 basis points.

At WaterEX Gujarat 2018, we will explore how intelligent synergies blending finance and technology can deliver solutions for contemporary challenges and trace the advancements and latest applications achieved in the field of Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment technology.