Exhibitors Profile

Water Utilities, Project Developers, Project Finance Companies, Plant Builders, Engineering Companies, Consultants, Research and Technical Institutes, Trade publications, Manufacturers, Suppliers relevant to: Water Treatment, Filtration and Ultra Filtration Process, Reverse Osmosis, Membranes, Wastewater Management and Recycling, Water Supply and Services, Water Management Systems, Water Conservation, Desalination and Distillation, Filtration Equipment, Effluent Treatment Systems, Water Pollution Monitoring, Water Purification, Sewage and Sludge Treatment, Pipe Fittings and Valves, Packaged Drinking Water, Instrumentation and Process Control, Transportation Distribution and Collection Systems, Water Treatment Chemicals, Boilers and Cooling Towers, Rainwater Harvesting, Pumps and Motors and Many More.

Why Exhibit

  • To spot new trends, show the progress made, find out potential opportunities and to create a road-map for sustainable growth and development
  • Your market will be together, thinking and talking about your industry. This is your chance to talk to them as a group
  • To reach key decision makers
  • To build a strong awareness about your organization, Technology, Products and expertise
  • To spread the good word and gain immediate brand Recognition
  • To receive tremendous market exposure
  • To meet your customers